Red Ant’s Clienteling and Personal Shopper applications provide feature-rich clienteling designed specifically for the needs of luxury retail. Built using our retail application platform and integrated directly with both business data and lifestyle content, they provide a one-to-one connection between customers and colleagues, to deliver the next level of personalised service.

  • Complete messaging functionality with additional retail-specific features
  • Create and share looks, moodboards and wardrobes with seamless content integration
  • Better understand customer tastes to build personalised recommendations
  • Manage appointments and services direct from the store
  • Create internal social networks and boost knowledge sharing
  • Secure, auditable and permanent contact history
  • Applications for colleagues and customers

One thing which shoppers mention time after time is their desire for clienteling – a return to a more traditional service model where sales staff are able to offer a personalised service, anticipating and meeting customer needs. We know from our own research that the employees themselves often feel that they would like to know their company’s products and customers better, so that they can provide a superior service. The solution is to give employees the kind of smart, interactive mobile technology which retailers invest in for their customers. Empower them with devices which give full, ‘live’ access to stock, products, deals and so on as well as customer information such as previous purchases, wishlists etc, and they will be able to deliver a superior service which, according to our research, could increase sales by as much as 52%, and positivity among staff by 74%.

At the very least, every shopper wants to be able to rely on you to get them their product, however they choose to purchase. But it’s hard to take it to the next level and provide great service - context-specific, personalised customer engagement matched to the customer’s individual needs – if each channel works in a different way, or there is no consistent way to identify a customer across channels. Having to re-enter details because you’re on the retailer’s app rather than their website, for example, can easily lose a sale. And siloed business channels mean siloed sales opportunities, with limited scope for cross-sell, upsell and access to deals, offers and data which have the potential to make the customer feel like a VIP.

Use data to identify and anticipate customer needs, and provide exactly the right level of service

You have a wealth of information about your customers sitting in various business areas – sales, logistics, operations, marketing and more. That means you have the ability to deliver what will look like ‘personalised’ service to your customers on a massive scale:

  • connect all data, both real-time via cloud platforms as well as back end systems such as eCommerce and CRM to build personal customer profiles - wishlists, previous purchases, responses to deals and offers, coupon use etc
  • use it to identify and profile customers in-store
  • offer personalised service and increase loyalty by anticipating and delivering on needs
  • enable seamless checkouts
  • improve operational performance
  • leave the customer delighted because you ‘know’ them and what they want