The click and collect app to manage the end-to-end customer experience for collection in-store

Give customers a frictionless click and collect experience

Maximise the convenience of click and collect for customers and colleagues.

  • Direct shop floor integration with customers' preferred notification methods - SMS, push notifications and email
  • Simple self-checkin via dedicated kiosk with built in call-for-assistance
  • Customers directed to the right part of the store via dynamic collection instructions
  • Advance order preparation through GPS integration, alerting staff when customers arrive

Make it easy for customers to collect at their convenience

Increase customer satisfaction by offering hassle-free collections and improved communications

  • Customers receive personalised, relevant information
  • Sales colleagues empowered to make targeted recommendations
  • Proven to increase overall click-and-collect pickup rates by up to 2%

Customers receive a more efficient and accurate click and collect service

Provide a speedier, more reliable service thanks to an easy to use in-store workflow.

  • Customers experience fewer mispicks thanks to virtual picklists with detailed product descriptions and images to
  • Reduce the number of missing parcels and delays to the customer through dynamic location marking
  • Supports multiple fulfilment options, including colleagues picking items from store shelves and parcels arriving from central warehouses
  • Secure two-way integration options to extend, enhance or replace legacy systems involved in click and collect

The click and collect app is part of the digital store platform

As part of the digital store platform, the click and collect app allows you to differentiate from your competitors and opens up a whole new range of opportunities to drive innovation, power business-as-usual, and deliver engaging store experiences.

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All the small things - how to get click and collect right