Health & Beauty Clienteling – the ultimate in personal consultation

One-to-one consultation

Personalised conversations based on customer preferences, coupled with expert advice.

  • Advance notice of appointments and profiles to allow beauty consultants to prepare for individual clients and their specific needs
  • Inspirations and looks tailored to customer skin tones, types and preferences, including the ability to record the consultation with before and after photos and send them the inspiration content including tutorials on how to recreate the look at home
  • Create customer follow-ups to see how they like their new products, if they have any questions or want to repurchase
  • Ability to list and review all products used by the beauty consultant so that the customer can decide what to buy at the end of the consultation

Seamless purchases

Make it easy for the customer to buy recommended products after their consultation.

  • App seamlessly moves products the customer wants to buy into a basket where they can either be transferred to a colleague at the till or purchased directly via the app
  • After purchase, the customer receives an email with a full overview of the consultation, including the look that inspired the makeover, before and after photos, products used, products bought and products they loved
  • All details are stored against the customer’s profile, allowing consultants and other store colleagues to review them and make recommendations for their next visit
  • Use comprehensive customer information to reorder, upsell and cross-sell products either on their next store visit or via the app’s direct message functionality, including product and event waitlists to ensure customers are the first to know about new product launches, when products are back in stock and in-store events

Smart insight and behaviour analysis

Smart analysis of customer data, empowering beauty consultants to identify and understand purchasing behaviours and patterns.

  • Full data analysis of the customer or similar customers
  • Recommendations based on demographic, purchasing history, loyalty, spend and past appointments
  • Allows beauty consultants to confidently suggest products, services or events to customers
  • Use customers’ preferred methods for receiving information (SMS/email/chat), with the ability to attach content from product details to inspirations and looks

Whitepaper: Store of the Future – The Experiential Store

In our previous whitepaper, we highlighted the urgency for retailers to bring the frictionless experience of shopping online into the physical store, from seamless checkout to personalised promotions. Now retail analyst and author Natalie Berg examines how bricks & mortar retailers can inject personality and soul into their stores by focusing on what online health & beauty brands can’t offer – experience.

The clienteling app is part of the digital store platform

As part of the digital store platform, the clienteling app allows you to differentiate from your competitors and opens up a whole new range of opportunities to drive innovation, power business-as-usual, and deliver engaging store experiences.

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