Empower colleagues to sell smarter using AI’s machine learning to understand customer behaviour and purchase lifecycle

Use insights to identify top prospects

Gathers key customer information and applies it intelligently to give an AI machine learning-based prospect score for better engagement and improved sales

  • Insights range from important dates such as birthdays and anniversaries to product recommendations and promotions based on previous purchases
  • Analysis of customer activity to understand how often they make purchases and interact with the brand to increase purchase frequency and overall lifetime value
  • Snooze suggestions to follow up at a later date with a reason for the AI to continue to learn and evolve
  • As customer relevance changes based on AI data analysis, their prospect score will update and reorder

Engage with customers based on smart recommendations

Analyses a wealth of customer data, empowering sales colleagues to recommend products and services with confidence

  • Full data analysis of the customer or similar customers
  • Recommendations based on demographic, purchasing history, loyalty, spend and past events or appointments
  • Allows sales colleagues to confidently suggest products, services or events to a customer

Communicate more efficiently using customer preferences

Keep the customer updated in the way they like best and use their feedback for continuous improvement, process refinement and performance analysis

  • Use customers’ preferred methods for receiving information (SMS/email/chat), with the ability to attach content from product details to inspiration moodboards
  • Rate of response and content is fed back into the data analysis to improve future recommendation cycles and refine the sales process
  • Feeds directly into retail analytics to gain insight into performance