Build the store of the future with the digital store platform

Adapt your retail experience to meet the needs of customers

Next generation retail experiences depend on a pragmatic approach to data integration and a switch to incremental benefits rather than the ‘big bangs’ of old.

  • Using a digital store platform – one which integrates data and allows both existing and new systems and processes to work with each other – is a fast, cost-effective way to test out new technology
  • It doesn’t disrupt business as usual or involve huge amounts of support and maintenance, and it shouldn’t break the bank in terms of resource or budget
  • You can set up trials and pilots in a matter of weeks, you can build use cases for the things which work and discontinue the ones which don’t

Building the case for the store of the future

Planning the store of the future is the only way to stay relevant because it answers key strategic questions.

  • Makes sure innovation projects are cost effective and delivered quickly to allow an agile test and learn approach
  • Shrinks budgets and timescales by not reinventing the wheel each time and using pre-built applications and integrations wherever possible
  • Enables continuous development on top of what already exists
  • Provides a safe way to control access to important systems and data by acting as a middle layer

Delivering cross-business benefits

Developing the store of the future will drive the business forward across all departments.

  • Built-in analytics provide continuous insight and data to justify business cases and identify failures and successes
  • Enables multiple different ‘best of breed’ providers to work together, because their data can easily be integrated – payment systems, social marketing, in-store entertainment, fulfilment and so on
  • Cloud delivery and multi-purpose devices enable small scale pilots, multi-variant testing and more regular release schedules           

Build the store of the future with the digital store platform

The digital store platform allows you to differentiate from your competitors and opens up a whole new range of opportunities to drive innovation, power business-as-usual, and deliver engaging store experiences.

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Building the store of the future