The assisted sales app that brings all the benefits of online retail to the shop floor so you never miss a sale

Seamless mPos transactions

Fully transactional mPos with full product catalogue to give customers a frictionless shopping experience.

  • Customer profiles, wishlists, baskets, payment details and purchases transfer seamlessly from online to in-store and back
  • Complete picture of customer activity online and in-store for personalised recommendations and cross-sell opportunities
  • Quick scan and checkout for queue busting, with options for eReceipts or connection to printer for printed receipts
  • Inline data capture tools and integration with eReceipts with two-way integration for online accounts, loyalty programmes and CRM, as well as the ability to apply promotional and goodwill discounts

Maximise stock performance and save the sale

Create a direct channel for stores to order from your website.

  • Check and manage stock across all channels, with mixed baskets for stock both in-store and online – never miss a sale
  • Empower sales associates to order out-of-stock items online and from other stores
  • Complete flexibility via direct integration with local point-of-sale and online stock for single checkout transaction, with offline support
  • Track data to ensure that sales associates and stores are properly recognised, attributed and rewarded for online orders

Empower sales associates with expert knowledge

Make it easy for sales associates to access online content in-store.

  • Directly link to reviews, recommendations, videos, social imagery and how-to guides
  • Link online content to physical products by using the built-in barcode scanner
  • Use cross-channel content to develop captivating retail theatre

The assisted sales app is part of the digital store platform

As part of the digital store platform, the assisted sales app allows you to differentiate from your competitors and opens up a whole new range of opportunities to drive innovation, power business-as-usual, and deliver engaging store experiences.

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3% increment in shop floor revenue through the assisted sales app