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6 reasons why retailers need to use clienteling in-store

Retailers are always told to use clienteling in store to improve personalisation but never told why personalising the customer experience is so important to improving sales.

Many companies tell retailers that they need to implement clienteling techniques in their stores without explaining why – just that it’s a good idea to personalise the customer experience.  

Below are 6 reasons why retailers need to use clienteling in-store that go beyond the simple premise of personalisation.

·      Allows store associates to upsell and cross-sell

Simply put, if your store associates know what the customer likes and what they are looking for, suggesting new and additional products becomes a much easier task. Store associates risk less chance of losing the sale if they are providing information surrounding products they know the customer has an interest in and would be persuaded to consider.

·      Improves customer retention

Nobody likes repeating the same information time and time again. The same can be said about shopping. If stores already hold key data about preferences, shoppers are more likely to return as they won’t have to go through the hassle of explaining anything to new staff. Additionally, the more they shop at the store, the more information regarding them will grow until the store associate can act as a personal shopping assistant. This makes shopping a breeze for those who are just looking to buy necessities when they need to while also providing an added layer of fun to those who see shopping as a pastime or are looking for something special.

·      Reduces lost time

Trying to find the right products for a customer can become hard and long-winded work, especially in verticals that also rely on personal style and opinion. Clienteling removes the unnecessary questioning steps in determining what the customer wants exactly by utilising data and insights. This then streamlines the entire shopping process, maintains purchase intent, and improves the shopping experience for the client.

·      Encourages store associates to own and optimise their sales

By providing store associates with data about specific clients, they can be encouraged to own the sale from day one. This gives them a vested and personal interest in growing and maintaining customer relationships with safeguards in place to ensure the customer data remains with the company.

·      Adds a sense of luxury to the store

Customers want an experience to remember when they go shopping. Providing clienteling services not only helps with operations but also with public relations. If customers feel like they have been given VIP treatment, they will hold the store in higher regard and will tell others about their treatment, providing free advertising and increasing footfall.

·      Provides insight into your customer demographic

Utilising clienteling also means harnessing an abundance of customer data which retail managers can look at to gain insight into shoppers. This asset can then be used in consideration of new product ideas, advertising campaigns, the creation of promotions and offers as well as other administrative decisions.

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why retailers need to use clienteling in-store

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