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5 ways to improve your in store CX strategy

Creating a customer experience strategy can be a struggle, because it can be hard to identify which areas to invest in first. Here are 5 ways to elevate your CX strategy and deliver a remarkable experience for your customers.

1. Determine friction points across the customer journey

Strategies for improving customer experience and implementing the ideas can be costly if you don’t establish a framework for success. By taking time to establish where potential customers fall from the sales funnel, you can determine the more important and quickest ways to streamline the process. To get a truly accurate view of your customer experience in store, consider going through it yourself as an anonymous customer. A first hand experience coupled with informative retail analytics will ultimately help you to determine what can and needs to be improved.

2. Inspire your store associates

Working on the shop floor can be challenging. With customers having instant access to information on their phones, store associates can find themselves knowing less about a product than the customer asking for advice which leaves them demotivated and distanced from their role. Retailers can give confidence back to their store associates by giving their team access to client data and recommendations so that they have full control over the sales process. Doing so will lead to happier and more engaged employees, and the personalised and informed service will improve customer experience in store.

3.Follow up with your customers

Some brands may hesitate over speaking to customers after they have bought a product in case they want to complain or ask for a refund, but the truth is that it is rarely the case. In reality, it is a simple way to build a better rapport between the store associate and the shopper while also encouraging retention. Having the store associate follow up with a customer on the product they sold to them makes shoppers feel like they have been given preferential treatment and their purchase was appreciated. It also allows the store associate to sell other recommended products or answer any follow up questions which will encourage customers to shop in store again.

4. Align your shopping channels

Shoppers react negatively when the price of a product in store does not match its price on the retailer’s website. All retail channels should be fully aligned to improve customer experience overall – not only on price but with inventory and payment, too. Customers expect a fully omnichannel experience - they want to be able to go in store or shop online, pay anywhere without any hassle and not be affected by stock limitations in their chosen store.

5. Invest in clienteling software that assures a better customer experience in store

Our clienteling solutions equip store associates with all the necessary tools to deliver bespoke customer experiences without any hassle, using data-driven insights to increase sales and improve efficiency.

Take the first step and contact us for a demo today.

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