Retail AI apps for leading-edge conversational commerce and machine-assisted sales


Deliver an industry-leading AI experience which learns and improves over time.

  • Integrates with customer contact centres, chat apps and messaging platforms to perform tasks, fetch information and intelligently manage customer queries
  • Scale 1 to 1 customer service without increased headcount 
  • Hands over to human operators with full context 

Watson Sales Trainer

The first cognitive sales training app for in-store retail anywhere in the world, powered by IBM Watson.

  • Uses the latest advances in machine learning to transform sales and training processes
  • Natural language processing allows the app to understand and answer questions by searching thousands of datapoints at once with voice or text input
  • Integrates with E-commerce and existing databases to automatically link content, products, manuals, customer details and other documentation
  • No training required - voice recognition and a simple to use question-and-answer interface allows for intuitive and natural use

Conversational commerce

Maximise operational efficiency by combining chatbots, AI and leading edge cognitive computing to deliver seamless omnichannel commerce.

  • Deliver product, ordering and delivery information with hand-off to human customer services where needed
  • Build innovative customer experiences with virtual concierges and assistants
  • Machine learning gives apps the ability to continuously improve the more they are used, by crowdsourcing input from across all channels

Our Retail AI apps are part of the digital store platform

As part of the digital store platform, the retail AI apps allow you to differentiate from your competitors and opens up a whole new range of opportunities to drive innovation, power business-as-usual, and deliver engaging store experiences.

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