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Transform your business with cognitive retail technology

SellSmart machine learning uses leading AI technology to give store associates insights into customer behaviour and purchase lifecycle so they can sell safer and smarter.

Quickly identify top prospects

Intelligent data analysis generates a prospect score for every customer, ranking them by their potential to convert in the immediate future. Through in-depth understanding of customer lifecycles and purchase events such as birthdays and anniversaries, SellSmart automatically identifies revenue opportunities so you can engage with customers at a time when they’re ready to buy.

Intelligent data analysis automatically identifies sales opportunities and ranks customers by their potential to convert

Receive instant notifications when an opportunity is identified, with options to snooze or reject notifications with reasoning that helps the AI technology continue to learn and evolve.

Store associates can snooze or reject notifications with reasoning to help the artificial intelligence continuously improve

Engage with smarter recommendations

By analysing a wealth of demographic and behavioural data, SellSmart can generate relevant recommendations based on individual profiles and lookalike customers, empowering store associates to confidently suggest products, services, promotions and events.

Every video call, email, text, WhatsApp or chat interaction, including open rates, clicks, response rates and message content, can be analysed to improve future recommendation cycles, refine the sales process and make one-to-one communications more efficient.

RetailOS smart recommendations

Improve operational performance

Customer insights feed directly into an analytics dashboard to provide store associates, managers and head office with a holistic, real-time view of product, store and overall business performance, enabling you to take immediate action on the shop floor as well as offering unique control of in-store activity and implementation of safety measures.

Scale your customer service offering without increasing headcount with a cross-platform chatbot that intelligently manages customer queries 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Chatbots understand natural language, learning and improving over time as they interact with customers to deliver product, order and delivery information, transferring to human operators with full context when needed.

RetailOS chatbot


“It’s in our culture to challenge norms and try new approaches for the benefit of both our staff and our customers.”

We partnered with Three to pioneer the use of IBM Watson in the retail industry and deliver a multi-channel AI sales trainer

SellSmart Machine Learning tech is part of RetailOS

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